Jean-Daniel Gagné – Nature Photographer

Coming from a family of photographers, his initiation to the arts of painting, music and photography occurred very early in his youth.

Music, painting, nature and photography are elements that have grown in him and that have transformed his vision of the environment and his gaze has never stopped recording images and being attracted to nature. Over the years, he has continued to develop his knowledge and practice of nature photography.

The foundation of his photography was made up mainly of natural landscapes before he extended it to animal photography since the early 2000s. His few travels and his passion for photography have taken him to 3 different continents: The Africa (North and South), Europe and in a multitude of places in North America. The Impressionist style influences him as much in landscape photography as in his animal photography; always looking for the most beautiful light.

But more than anything, it is the natural beauty and diversity of Quebec, Canada and North America that attracts him the most. For several years, he has made regular trips to capture the beauties of Western Canada and those of the American Southwest (Utah-Arizona). With his technical background of forty years in photography, he regularly directs landscape photography and wildlife photography workshops in these regions.


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Best of Light !

Jean-Daniel Gagné